Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Jewelry

If you’re looking for an easy way to score some quick cash, you might have considered selling your jewelry—unfortunately, this task is much harder than it sounds: many unlucky individuals who engage unreliable buyers or lack sufficient knowledge about jewelry evaluation stumble through the process and end up losing a good amount of money.

So, what can you do to ensure you get a fair price for your items? Read on to learn about some common mistakes to avoid when selling your jewelry.

Not Selling to a Professional Jewelry Buyer

When preparing to sell jewelry, individuals often turn to jewelry stores or pawn shops. However, this is not ideal: these establishments ultimately aim to turn a profit and are thus incentivised to purchase at a low price and sell high.

We recommend working with a professional jewelry buyer instead. These experts are trained to assess and determine the value of your jewelry accurately and have sufficient knowledge about current market conditions. As such, they can ensure you get the most money for your jewelry.

Skipping the Appraisal Process

It is critical that you get your jewelry appraised by an expert, who will assess its condition, authenticity, and history to set a fair bid. As professional appraisals are simply hired to appraise, they can provide a less-biased opinion of what the jewelry is worth.

Even if you have a good idea of your jewelry’s value, it is always best to get a second opinion.

Selling in a Hurry

Even if you need the money urgently, we advise against selling your jewelry in a rush; doing so may hinder your potential earnings.

Give it time. Take the time to understand the process, research experienced jewelry buyers, and make appointments to have your jewelry appraised. Patience will help ensure you get the best value for your jewelry.

Selling Online

Selling your jewelry online is convenient but extremely risky. For one, the majority of the online audience does not have the qualifications or experience to accurately assess the worth of your jewelry. Moreover, potential buyers are limited to pictures and descriptions of your item and may be unable to confirm its authenticity and value. Hence, we recommend selling your jewelry offline.

Feeling Pressured to Sell

Remember: you are not obligated to accept an offer that you are uncomfortable with; do not undervalue your jewelry’s value just because it takes time to find an agreeable price. If a buyer is pressuring you to accept an offer, they are likely not reputable or reliable.

Accepting the First Offer

If you’ve been waiting for an offer for some time, you might feel tempted to accept the first offer. However, this is undesirable: the first offer is very rarely the best one.

It is best to explore your options before making a decision. You should also do some research to find some reputable dealers with whom other customers work well. 


Selling jewelry can be difficult, and there are many ways it can go wrong. We hope that this guide has helped you better understand the common mistakes to avoid for a better jewelry-selling experience.

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