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When you think of selling gold, you typically have two choices: selling gold jewelry or selling gold bullion (physical gold in the form of bars and coins). While the former can bring you a decent sum of money, it is not a particularly stable option: jewelry does not maintain its value well.

Gold bullion, however, does. Because gold bullion is pure gold (99.5% purity or higher), it is usually used for monetary purposes; many use it to store value or keep it as an investment. Hence, it is far safer to sell gold bullion.

If you want to take full advantage of its value, you must do your research so you can get the very best offer when selling gold bullion in Singapore. We recommend that you trade in gold bullion with Jumbo Gold and Diamonds: we will buy your gold bullion at a competitive price. We also provide a free appraisal without obligation.


Why Sell My Gold Bullion?

As a global financial hub and destination known for its luxury goods, Singapore has a strong demand for gold. Hence, you should always be able to sell gold bullion at competitive prices. Do note that gold bullion is valued based primarily on weight and purity, whereas gold jewelry considers artistic value and craftsmanship as well.


How Much Should I Get When Selling My Gold Bullion?

How much you get when selling gold bullion in Singapore depends on several factors. One way you can get an idea of its buying price is to keep track of global economic news and events. This will help you evaluate how the global market is performing.

Additionally, you should note that gold prices often fluctuate. Hence, it is best to monitor the market closely; seek information regarding real-time gold prices from financial news outlets, websites, and mobile applications. Doing so allows you to make better-informed decisions about when to trade in gold bullion for cash.


Am I Getting the Best Offer for My Gold Bullion?

When trading in gold bullion in Singapore, you want to get the best offer available. Here are some tips to take note of so you won’t lose out.


Know the real-time value of gold.

The market value of gold is constantly changing. We recommend monitoring the current price of gold in the market at the time of sale.


Understand the value of your items.

As soon as you’re familiar with the market value of gold, you can make a rough estimation of what your gold is worth. One way to do so is to weigh it yourself and assess its value with a gold price calculator. Another option is to reach out to Jumbo Gold and Diamonds for a free appraisal without obligation—absolutely zero pressure to sell.


Find a merchant specialising in gold bullion.

Trading in gold bullion at a regular retail store or pawnshop is undesirable; you’re unlikely to get a fair offer. It is best to go to a buyer who specializes in gold bars and coins for an honest and accurate assessment.


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