Where can I sell my diamond ring in Singapore

Diamonds are valuable and rare jewelries sought after for centuries. They are a symbol of wealth and often used in design, special occasions, commercial industry and in fashion. This means diamond jewelries are highly sought after and you will always find a buyer if you are looking to sell your diamond jewelries.

Where to sell my diamond rings for cash in Singapore?

At Jumbo Gold & Diamonds, we buy your diamond jewelries at a competitive price. You can consider selling your diamond rings or jewelries with us. We provide free appraisal at no cost and at a competitive price.

You can fill up the form here, whatsapp us for the quickest reply or if you are in Singapore, feel free to pop by our store in the heart of Singapore.

Do ensure you compare the potential diamond buyers’ information to get the best choice for you. Diamond buyers have to explain their process and customer service policies in a clear and transparent manner. Also make sure to do your due diligence and check reviews plus compare prices to get the best value of your diamond jewelries.


What kind of diamonds does Jumbo Gold & Diamonds buy?

At Jumbo Gold & Diamonds, we look into material of your pieces more than how much we can resell these pieces for.

We buy your

  • diamond rings
  • chipped or cracked diamonds
  • diamonds with some flaws
  • diamond wedding bands
  • gold jewelries
  • loose diamonds
  • designer jewelry
  • small and large diamonds

Designer / Collectible Jewelries

We buy these items at a market price more than the material valued for as these items are designer unique collectible pieces. We provide free appraisal without any cost, so do not hestitate to contact us to get more information about your item.

Some tips when selling your diamond jewelries:

  • Be ready to sell – leave out the emotions

Diamonds are often used to symbolize love or a passion. They are at times harder to let go as they can be sentimental. You have to be prepared to eliminate emotions when selling your diamond jewelry. As these items can be sentimental in value for you, the price you perceived might not be what others are looking for. This brings us to the next tip

  • Discover your options – the type of buyers who will buy your diamond jewelries

Options are abound when it comes to selling your diamond jewelry. Here are some places you can sell your diamond jewelries in Singapore:

  • Jewelry Auctions
  • Online Buyers
  • Professional Jewellers
  • Consignment Shop
  • Jewelry Stores


Choose your buyer wisely. Choosing the buyer is not only about the price. It is also about the time you can close the deal at the promised price, it is also about the trust between you and your chosen buyer.


Compare prices

After you’ve decided to sell your diamond jewelry, compare the prices offered to you so you get the price range for the value you can get for your diamonds.


Your diamond 4Cs

Usually diamonds are being valued by their 4Cs – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight. These will be important factors in how much you have initially paid for them and the price you can get for the diamond pieces you are selling. We have written an extensive information regarding diamond history, their cut, colour clarity and carat here. Feel free to check it out here for a better overview of the value of your diamond jewelry.


We provide FREE APPRAISAL without any obligation. Feel free to whatsapp us to book an appointment for your free appraisal.


Should I sell my diamond jewelry?

Whether or not you should sell your diamond jewelry depends on the reasons why you are selling them. For example, if sentimental value outweighs the buying price for these items (or cash value), we recommend you keep these items as they are valuable to you.

However, if your diamond jewelry say was a gift that you didn’t like or it is an engagement ring of a wedding that did not happen – reminding you of bad and unpleasant memories, there is no reason to not sell your diamond ring for cash. If they are sitting around, bringing in negative vibes or hardly used, or you don’t like its design as much, we recommend you trade them in for some cash.

If you have an antique piece, we recommend you find a professional jeweller like ourselves – Jumbo Gold & Diamonds to get the best value for your diamond jewelry. This is because this antique pieces are often value higher than the value of its materials. Pawn shops or individual buyer might not recognise this value and you might not get the best deal out of them.


Why sell my diamond jewelry to Jumbo Gold and Diamonds?

At Jumbo Gold and Diamonds, we have over 25+ years of experience in the diamond industry with 500+ five star reviews on Google. Our extensive knowledge and competitive pricing means you can get the best value out of your diamond jewelry.

We offer price match guarantee and do not force you to sell your diamond jewelry. We are qualified diamond professionals with GIA cert, which allows you a peace of mind and accuracy in price for your diamond jewelries.

Contact us for no obligation at all and  free appraisal on your diamond jewelry.